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Ravenclaw Master Loft

Ravenclaw prefect badge

Ravenclaw Prefect Badge

Second Trelawney prophesy

The second prophesy by Sybil Trelawney on the day of a full moon, when Harry meets Sirius and discovers Peter Pettigrew betrayed his parents.

Ravenclaw socks

Ravenclaw socks, part of the sock collection in the house to help free the house elves

Ravenclaw Throw Blanket

Ravenclaw throw blanket in the master loft

Ravenclaw pillow 3

One of the Ravenclaw pillows in the master loft

Ravenclaw pillow 2

One of the Ravenclaw pillows in the master loft (from Primark - London)

Ravenclaw pillow 1

One of the Ravenclaw pillows in the master loft

Ravenclaw Pennant

Ravenclaw pennant

Ravenclaw notebook

Ravenclaw notebook

Ravenclaw keepsakes on bulletin board

On the Ravenclaw bulletin board, students can keep their Hogwarts Express ticket, a small container of love potion, their prefect badge or even a button showing membership in Dumbledore's Army.

Ravenclaw diadem

Rowena Ravenclaw's lost diadem is now kept safe in a beautiful jewelry box in the Ravenclaw master loft

Ravenclaw class schedule

Keep up with your commitments with a class schedule close by

Ravenclaw backpack

Show your House pride, and keep up with your supplies, with this Ravenclaw backpack

Luna's Ravenclaw sneakers

Luna's sneakers went missing again, and they've shown up hanging in another unexpected place.

Boxed Full Set of Harry Potter Books

No self-respecting Ravenclaw student would be without a complete set of the Harry Potter books in their room.

Luna's glasses

Luna's spectrespecs

Hogwarts Lenticular

This lenticular of Hogwarts at night is the perfect Ravenclaw wall decor.

*Hogwarts Express ticket printables were created and made available by Muggle Magic DIY

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