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Lessons from the Secret Lives of James Boo 002©, is the first print book in a series of tales about the canine spy, Boo Cheves, and his many lives incognito. 

     The original book introduces the secret lives Boo takes on in his undercover work, and offers a brief lesson Boo learned from each of his human characters, in his spy role as their canine double. The photos and cover shown here are rough early depictions. The book will include photos and beautiful, hand-painted artwork by an extremely talented local artist! It will provide a learning experience for early readers, introducing some of history's most famous individuals, and of course, the Boo-counterpart: 

Boohatma Gandhi

Martin Boo-ther King

Sitting Boo

President Boosevelt

Boo Gherig

Boo-z Aldrin

Edgar Allen Boo


Humphrey Boogart


Boodolf, the red-nosed sleighdog

Beetle Booce


Babe Booth



Snow White and the Seven Boos


     These are just a few of the exciting personalities Boo assumes during his adventures. Ex: Boo-dini enters the exciting world of magic in his adventure as the canine relative of the Great illusionist and escape artist Harry Houdini, and shares a valuable lesson from this perilous experience!

     The first book is primarily a picture book, with the Boo character and the actual human figure, along with a brief lesson relating to the life of the person. The following books in the series will include specific stories about the secret adventures Boo encountered in each of his disguises. For proper timing, some of the tales will be narrated by Boo, recounting stories passed down from his spy ancestors, from whom he learned his trade.

     In addition to offering the book through this site, educators have expressed interest in the learning value of introducing historical figures through this lovable and relatable animal character. 

     Following the release of the 2nd book, Boo plans to offer a plush Boo toy with spy costumes, including replicas of the disguises detailed in the tales plus several canine spy accessories. He is currently developing a blog of his spy and non-spy activities. There's even a book planned about the real life of Boo Cheves, human companion extraordinaire!

     The book series is just one of the projects in which Boo is involved. In his real life as Boo Cheves, he is a successful business dog. He was the original official mascot of the Joe Cheves Junior Invitational, as Bagger Boo, world-class caddie, and has a really full life to share with you. 

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