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Visiting Orlando, before we re-settled in the Asheville, NC area and started this whole crazy adventure.


Hamming it up a bit with Sirius Black. 

Harry Potter ride at Disney World

Harry Potter ride @ Disney World in Orlando, FL

Got to be honest. The Harry Potter ride really was an intense gut-roiling, nausea-inducing experience. I like roller coasters, but I'm still glad we didn't eat first!

Emily's Story


Hello. Welcome to our website. Wow, how crazy is it that we have an actual website where we can share and connect with others while we work our dream job.


Yes, this is actually my dream job. When I was 5 years old and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, one of my go-to responses was a “house builder.” I loved working with my hands and being creative, and the logistical and geometric aspects of house building seemed intriguing to my mathematically-inclined young brain. I’m also the kind of person who likes instant gratification… but who doesn’t? It just so happens that most of what we do when building a house provides an instant sense of satisfaction, whether it’s building a wall, running electrical wiring, or laying down flooring. It’s so gratifying to see something tangible that I’ve done, and in a few months have an entire house that I’ve helped bring into being. 


I’ve also been waiting on my Hogwarts letter to arrive for the last 15 years. As I’ve already entered my 30’s (kicking and screaming), I am slowly coming to the realization that I may just have to be a homeschooled witch. So yes, this is actually my dream job. I get to wake up everyday and pursue my passion for building and creating, while also bringing the wizarding world to life, and continuing to find inspiration from the most epic book series ever written.


Life has definitely been a whirlwind since I was five years old and was dreaming up how my life would be. It’s pretty amazing how things have come full circle. I guess I was like most young adults graduating from high school and trying to navigate this huge world, and figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was incredibly fortunate to receive an athletic scholarship to play collegiate golf at Appalachian State. My granddad had been a PGA Club Professional for over 30 years, so golf had always been in my family. I worked diligently on my game, and my efforts were rewarded with the exciting opportunity to be a college athlete.


As for the educational opportunities, the possibilities of study were endless, and I found it a bit overwhelming trying to pick the right path. I went back and forth for a few years between psychology and business, and then on to nursing, and back again to business. At 18-19 years old, you’re making a decision that you feel you’re stuck with for the rest of your life… talk about pressure.


After a couple of years at Appalachian, I decided to make a move back to Raleigh, where I had grown up. I started taking classes at NC State University and went on to get a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance (the most practical field of study I could think of). In all actuality, my finance degree has helped me tremendously over the years, not just personally, but also in starting a small business. So despite the fact that it doesn’t set my soul on fire, it has still been beneficial in many areas of my life.


A month before my college graduation, my dad died, after a long battle with metastatic prostate cancer. As overwhelming and depressing as the situation was, it ultimately led me to where I am today. My mom and I started doing some small renovations to her home, which helped us both ignite a passion for creativity and woodworking. It may sound cliche, but it also reiterated to me that it’s so important to follow your heart and spend your days doing all the things that bring you joy. Life is so sweet and so short, and I wanted to be sure I could look back years from now and say that I had pursued all the things that called to my soul.


I worked a number of different jobs to help get to a place where I could lay it all on the line and start building tiny houses for a living. I’m incredibly passionate about small space living, financial freedom, minimalism (to an extent) and not being tied down to one place or material possessions. My mom and I came together with the same desire to pursue this dream, and we spent hours planning and designing. We had already completed 3 full renovations and 1 foundation-built tiny house, and wanted to take our experience and knowledge to the next level. It wasn’t until we had already started the build process that we decided to create a "themed" space. We wanted to stand out and do something totally different, so we incorporated another long time love of ours… Harry Potter. (If you don’t like Harry Potter, we probably can’t be friends). I grew up getting lost in the books and loving the friendships I found within the pages. Several book-release parties and movie premieres later, here we are building a tiny house full of magic, love and wizardry. 


Wow, I have rambled on a bit and made this “about me” page incredibly long… sorry about that. For those of you that skipped the sappy and long winded story, here are a few other quick facts about me:


-my dog (Boo) is my life. Yes, I baby talk him and spoil him every chance I get. I am “one of those dog moms,” if you will.


-speaking of animals, I am a huge advocate for the compassionate and ethical treatment of all animals. I’ve been vegan for almost 5 years now, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


-I’m a lover of all things eco-friendly, sustainable and natural, as well as plant medicine, hemp, reading, yoga, and drinking hot chocolate.


-I have plans to go back to NCSU and get a masters in Engineering with a focus on Sustainable Development… so stay tuned.


-I’m currently attempting to get in 10,000 steps a day, practicing self-love, and cutting out processed sugar (all of which are easier said than done) :)

Em on garage roof.jpg

Putting roof sheathing on the garage studio apartment.

Em on beach.jpg

This is me!

Loving life, especially on the beach with my best bud, Boo!

Em in hazmat.jpg

Can you say "Hazmat?" Time to remove some asbestos. 

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